guiding principles

good:matters strives to promote human rights, create social justice and protect the environment.
We believe this requires a fundamental social and economic paradigm shift towards a global community, in which financial markets operate in the service of real economy, economy is at the service of humanity and people subordinate to the wellbeing of the environment, not the other way around.

In the framework of our projects – regardless of whether they were commissioned by our clients or penned by ourselves – we want to actively shape this change. We do not believe in the neutrality of service providers and, hence, only take on assignments that match our principles.

We never lose sight of the global context and always connect our actions to their potential social and ecological effects. We are a team of tap water-drinking, petition-signing, basic income-demanding, open-source-using, gender role-rejecting, light-off-switching, two-pages-per-sheet-double-sided-printing cyclists.

Our dedication to the cause is not influenced by political, religious or corporate groups. This does not mean that we are politically neutral. Or can be. Or want to be!