REFERENZBOXrotKLEINConcept and design of presentation boards (FR) as well as editing and layouting of the Pedagogic-Therapeutic Concept “Together, Open-Minded, in Context” (DE) for SCAP

BOXblauKLEINConcept and implementation of the transeuropean hitchhiking project Thumbs-Up! for European Alternatives in the framework of Transeuropa Festival in Belgrade

BOXblauKLEINPresentation material design and layout of the position paper “Mettre en œuvre l’Agenda 2030 au Luxembourg” for Cercle de Coopération des Organisations Non Gouvernementales de Développement de Luxembourg

BOXblauKLEINPolicy and advocacy officer in the framework of Luxembourg’s EU Council presidency for Cercle de Coopération des Organisations Non Gouvernementales de Développement de Luxembourg

REFERENZBOXrotKLEINPublic relations and campaign coordination for the documentary “Who is saving whom? – The crisis as business model at the expense of democracy and social safety” for KernFilm

BOXblauKLEINEvent organisation in the framework of the  “Thanks, Otto!”-conference for the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) and HelpAge

REFERENZBOXrotKLEIN Co-development and -realisation of „Who does Berlin belong to?“, a guided city tour critical towards privatisation, and offline media design for “Who does Berlin belong to?” and “Berlin wired – The critical energy city tour” for attac Berlin and Gemeingut in BürgerInnenhand

BOXblauKLEIN Research, journalism, political communication and public relations in the framework of European Alternatives‘ Transeuropa Caravans project

BOXblauKLEIN Conduct and evaluation of interviews regarding regional orcharding and revision of results in the framework of LEADER-project „Uebstkultur 2.0“ for natur&ëmwelt and Administration Communale de Wincrange

REFERENZBOXrotKLEINEditing and layouting of the Pedagogic-Therapeutic Concept “Together, Open-Minded, in Context” (DE) for Service de Consultation et d’Aide pour troubles de l’Attention, de la Perception et du développement Psychomoteur

REFERENZBOXrotKLEINContent creation, editing and layouting of the report „Agriculture 2.0 – A plea for the reorientation of Luxembourg’s agricultural policy” (DE/FR) for the NGO-platform Meng Landwirtschaft (i.a. natur&ëmwelt, Bio-Lëtzebuerg, Greenpeace, SOS Faim, Caritas)

BOXblauKLEINCoordination of the three-day Transeuropa-Forum (presentations, discussions, art interventions, BarCamp) and respective communication and public relations for European Alternatives

REFERENZBOXrotKLEINStudy: “Media coverage and consumers’ knowledge of ‘sustainable cocoa’” (DE) for INKOTA-netzwerk and the German Development Cooperation (GIZ)

BOXblauKLEINCampaigning, education and public relations in the fields of development and climate policy for Caritas Luxembourg

BOXblauKLEINAnalysis, information and public relations in the fields of human rights and democracy as well as preparation of election observation missions – with regard to content and logistics – for the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE

BOXblauKLEINPolitical consulting, analysis and information in the field of development cooperation for the Brussels Representation of the German Development Cooperation (GIZ)

BOXblauKLEINDevelopment and implementation of specialist meetings on agricultural and trade policy as well as screenplay development for the campaign video “What am I?“ (Winner of “The Great Transformation” screenplay competition) for Germanwatch

BOXblauKLEINDesign and content creation for a blog as well as interviewing and conducting case studies with young volunteers in development cooperation for Raleigh International

BOXblauKLEINDevelopment of and content creation for a weekly information product on human rights and democratisation in the EU-context for the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation

German-French translation of the background paper “The Nuclear Power Phase-out on trial before international investment arbitration – Background on the latest case Vattenfall vs. Germany (II)” (DE/FR) for Powershift


BOXblauKLEIN“Fair Politics in front and inside the Chambre des députés” (DE), Ben Toussaint, BP 291 – Action Solidarité Tiers Monde

BOXblauKLEINA Visit to the Most European of Minorities“, Christiane Schwausch, The Transeuropa Caravans, Connecting Local Alternative Voices – European Alternatives

REFERENZBOXrotKLEINSustainability in the Cocoa and Confectionery Industry: Opportunity or fallacy?” (DE), Ben Toussaint and Christiane Schwausch, BP 277 – Action Solidarité Tiers Monde

BOXblauKLEINThe Great Transformation or How We Learned to Love the Bomb” (DE), Ben Toussaint, BP 274 – Action Solidarité Tiers Monde

BOXblauKLEINClimate change makes you hungry – Weather extremes and their effect on global food security” (DE), Tobias Reichert and Ben Toussaint and “Conference Report – “Green Trade – Rosy Times?” (DE), Ben Toussaint, Weitblick 3/2012 – Germanwatch

Senegal – Walking a Tightrope Between Democracy and National Uprising” (DE), Ben Toussaint, BP 269 – Action Solidarité Tiers Monde

BOXblauKLEINMy climate, my oil, my wealth…your project!“ (DE), Ben Toussaint, BP 267 – Action Solidarité Tiers Monde

BOXblauKLEINLuxembourg’s Fair Share in a Climate Constrained World“, Tom Athanasiou, Sivan Kartha, Paul Baer, Eric Kemp-Benedict und Dietmar Mirkes, Norry Schneider, Ben Toussaint – EcoEquity, Stockholm Environment Institute, Action Solidarité Tiers Monde, Caritas Luxembourg

BOXblauKLEINThe ‘specific situation’ of Luxembourg“ (FR), Benjamin Toussaint, BP 260 – Action Solidarité Tiers Monde

BOXblauKLEINThe ‘Big Apple’ Reunion – Ten Years Millenium Development Goals: The World takes stock“ (DE), Ben Toussaint, forum 301 – forum für Politik, Gesellschaft und Kultur in Luxemburg

BOXblauKLEINA rescue buoy for the Millenium Development Goals?“ (FR), Benjamin Toussaint, BP 257 – Action Solidarité Tiers Monde


“Country Profile – Luxembourg“, Ben Toussaint, Penalty against Poverty – More and better EU Aid can score Millenium Development Goals – AidWatchCONCORD

REFERENZBOXrotKLEIN Both of us (et al.)  BOXblauKLEIN One of us (et al.)